Slings in the sun!

Monday 23rd July was our first official big sling meet in Sheffield Peace Gardens. We had a back up plan in case of a rainy day but for once it wasn’t necessary, the sun shone down on us all morning!  Loads of mums and dads turned up, some old faces, some brand new, and some like me who haven’t been along for a while.   Whilst the kids enjoyed themselves splashing around in the water features us parents settled down for a good old gossip, oh sorry, I mean a very serious talk about slinging…

..No really, it was a good old gossip in the sun. We chatted about anything and everything whilst collectively watching the children, eating ice-cream, and watching the world pass us by.

Slings still played their part however; an expectant mum was given tips on how to use a stretchy with her soon-to-be newborn.  I was given a master class on using a half buckle and a ring sling, and I saw a few people demonstrating different carries to people who had asked for advice.  It would have made for some fantastic photos for this page to be sure. However, we were all chatting too much to remember to take them. Sorry about that!

All in all a fantastic first sling meet for Sheffield Slings. Plenty more meets are planned during the summer, so plenty of time yet to get some pictures of slinging in the sun.  


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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