A week in the life of a Sheffield Slinger…

Mondays always come round so quickly, my husband is back at work and I think to myself, “what are G (my 6 month old daughter) and I going to do this week?” Well, thanks to Sheffield Slings we certainly won’t be bored!

On Tuesday we had a lovely get together at the Curator’s House in Sheffield Botanical Gardens. This was a little last-minute meet organised the day before in the Facebook group, and was just lovely for being small and cosy, with 3 mummies and their babies having a chat over a cuppa and of course a slice of cake (and a play with an Oscha Eden Bluebell wrap, naturally.)

On Wednesday, there was a sling meet in Padley Gorge, a stunning spot in the Peak District near a pretty little river with a Poohsticks bridge. Many people came with their children on a picturesque train ride from Dore to Grindleford and then rambled (slowly, there were inquisitive toddlers and preschoolers wanting to explore!) from  Grindleford Station to Padley Gorge. G and I came by car; perfect for her to have her morning nap. When we arrived the picnic blankets were spread out by the river, the older children were in full flow paddling in the stream, the sun was shining, there were remnants of picnics and lots of slings flapping in the gentle breeze as people tried out new carries with their children. What a glorious day! Thankfully Claire had bought her hubby with her; he was the hero of the day, being on toddler watch for most of the afternoon and I know a lot of mums were very grateful to him. So was I as he assisted me to get a very large sun tent into a very small bag at the end of the day! It was a great afternoon with some new faces and some familiar ones too, and ended with ice-creams and plans to meet again soon. We were spotted by a few passers-by who asked who we were and we were more than happy to spread the slinging word far and wide! That evening a lot of new photos were shared on the group wall of the slings being tried out and new carries being practised.

Thursday …what shall we do today?? I know.. another meet in Endcliffe Park! G and I met a couple of Sheffield Slings mums and dads at the cafe and we managed to get a table in the dappled shade under the trees. Soon we were joined by more SSers, and needed another table. And soon after that, we had three tables, and finally, there were so many of us that the management brought out a trestle table for us and we took up the entire café front! Lots of lovely mums, dads, babies, toddlers and even a dog enjoyed that meet. There was cake, tea, fish fingers, sausages, breadsticks, sunshine, bouncy giraffes, ring slings, Indios and babies in space! It was a lovely day and G and I met yet more new people to the group who really enjoyed themselves and more plans were made to meet again!

Friday, time to stay at home? Not on your life! The seaside has come to Sheffield!! We arranged to meet in town, outside Costa Coffee where we enjoyed a lovely cuppa….and there might have been a little bit of cake involved! Then bucket and spade (and water pistol) in hand we headed to the beach…aka the Peace Gardens! The sun was shining again and the place was packed full of happy faces enjoying the sand, water and music! There were rides and a helter-skelter too. The older children had a wonderful time playing in the water troughs and jumping about in the jet fountains, while the smaller ones dozed under umbrellas and we compared slings and nappies. We left a little early as G (I mean me) was getting a little wiry, but I am reliably informed that there was ice-cream again… and yet more plans were made to meet up soon!

Then it was the weekend again, phew, time for a rest? For G and I yes, but not for Sheffield Slings, which was well represented at the Sheffield Steel Rollergirls home bout at at Roller Derby in Ponds Forge. To all accounts a wonderful time was had by mums, dads, preschoolers and toddlers (no babies this time) and headphones were much in evidence with all the noise and shouting. I am sure there was either alcohol (in appropriate moderation) or ice-cream!!

Well, that was a week with SS!! It was such a fantastic week…. I love the combination of spontaneity and advance planning in the group that means there is always something for everyone. It’s so friendly, people always come back for more..


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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