Party in the Park

Picture this…it’s five-to midnight on a wet Wednesday in August, one of our members notices an e-mail inviting us to have a stall at Party in the Park in 3 DAYS time!!! What do we do? Discard it because there’s not enough time to prepare? Not on your nelly!!! Sheffield Slings are made of sterner stuff than that! So, thinking hats on and ‘event it up’!

After some lightening quick preparation, thanks to some dedicated members of Sheffield Slings we made it happen! (Well, what’s a few frantic messages and e-mails between friends?!)

So, the Big Day arrives and, slings at the ready, we all head to the park. Once there our Day in Numbers goes something like this……

22 different makes of sling (probably a few more, I didn’t see them all!)

5 demo dolls (well, 2 were teddies!)

4 babywearing dads (one of them using a diabolo at the same time!)

3 tandem wearing mums (Wow!!)

3 changing mats (and numerous smelly nappies!)

2 gazebos

2 torso carries

2 flat tyres… and one babywearing tyre changer

1 set of beautiful bunting (thanks to Tuesday’s Child!)

1 lovely lady giving a quick lesson on how to torso carry using a Kanga

1 double hammock lesson

1 Daisy Birthing Practitioner

Countless lovely parents who were introduced to the wonderful world of slings

The 1 and only – Sheffield Slings!

Oh, and not forgetting there were a fair few babies, toddlers and big ‘uns enjoying sling snuggles!

So all in all I think we can declare the event a total success!

(Unlike my dinner……1 pan of pasta burnt and stuck to the pan whilst writing this blog! Oops!)


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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