Sheffield Slings are International Award Winners for International Babywearing Week!

Happy International Babywearing Week everyone! Here at Sheffield Slings HQ (i.e. Sheffield) we’ve really been getting into the spirit of things. As you may know, we tend to organise a few events here and there, write up the odd blog post, maybe attend a festival or two – OK… we organise a LOT of events, we’re always blogging and posting about something slingy and Sheffield Slings just happened to be founded at a festival right here in our own lovely town!

Since that sunny June day when Kinsey, Rosie and I (Lily) came up with the idea we’ve come a very long way. At time of writing we have nearly 190 members, which, considering we only got started 5 months ago, is pretty darn impressive! A lot of this is down to word of mouth. Our members enjoy the group so much they tell their friends. And they tell theirs! Others find us through our friends at BabyCalm, ToddlerCalm, HypnoBirthing, Pyjama Drama, Lazy Daisy Birthing, Tuesday’s Child and many other local family-friendly businesses, and yet more are presented with a cheerful card when admiring a beautiful sling in their local park, where there just happens to be a Sheffield Slings meet going on.

We started Sheffield Slings to reach out to and connect with parents who carry their children, or want to start. It was as simple as that. From that idea grew an amazing group of like-minded parents who have formed a strong network of support all around the region. From mothers of 4 or more, to mamas with beautiful bumps, everyone is welcome at Sheffield Slings. Our new tagline, from a comment by one of our newest members, is “We share our strengths and muddle our way through the rest together”. This sums us up perfectly, whether you’re in need of the answer to a burning question, a friendly cup of coffee in your favourite cafe, or just an encouraging pat on the back from a fellow weary mum for making it through a tough day, there’s always someone around who’s happy to oblige and lift your spirits.

We do all this because we love it, and because we truly believe in the far reaching benefits of carrying your children and providing a supportive environment for other parents. However, we were absolutely delighted to discover that our efforts have been recognised by Babywearing International. We are thrilled to be the proud winners of the “Award for Best Babywearing Outreach Program by a Non-Vendor”! The category is sponsored by the wonderful Sleeping Baby Productions and we will receive two of their fantastic ring slings to add to our small, but growing group stash, for all our members to learn with, borrow and enjoy. Many thanks to Diana at Wrap your Baby who gave us our very first group wrap at the start of the week, a lovely Wrapsody Bali Breeze!

Thank you to Babywearing International, Wrap your Baby, and massive congratulations to the fabulous winners of the other categories! Here’s hoping everyone enjoys the remainder of International Babywearing Week – we know we will, two more events to go, and an online virtual event as well! We’ll see you at a meet very soon… do see our facebook page for more details.


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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