NCT Demo – a roaring success!

This was a roaring success, there must have been forty or more people there! lots of lovely mums with bumps and gorgeous little and big babies. It was a good thing that quite a few of us Sheffield Slingers went along as there was great demand to try things out. The ring slings, buckles and mei tai’s were especially popular and it was wonderful to see so many babies snuggling up and mums realising just how great it can be! It was a fantastic morning, and we’ll be doing it again.. it was so well attended we ran out of leaflets!

Here is the link to our facebook group if you want to come to some smaller and more relaxed meets to try out a few more or have a practice, or just have a cuppa and a chat and make some friends.

Here is the link to the leaflet we handed out “So I want to carry my baby, what now?

and here are a few pictures!

And here is a quote from one of the mums who came along and sent us this message

“I loved the school run pick up today using a Moby sling for the first time. I didn’t have to mess around with the pram or car seat and the sling was so comfy to wear. O was so snug and slept all the way there and back. I was also able to hold A’s hand all the way back instead of her having to hold onto the pram. It was lovely to be able to have both my babies close instead of pushing a pram ;-)”

Slings ROCK!


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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