New Year, New Plans!

We had an amazing Christmas with a wonderfully manic party, and two of our number had their first babies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One was in a Calin Bleu Microfleece wrap at one day old, and had also tried out a baby papatum (froggied legs) at five days old! And just before the old year came to a close, we welcomed our 250th member to the facebook group, and our 200th page liker. Whoo hoo! What a year it’s been, and next year can only be better, with even more babies to be carried, more friendships to be made, more slings to try out! Thank you to everyone involved in making Sheffield Slings the fabulous community it is, for all your support and encouragement. This only drives us on to be ever better…

Coming up in the New Year is a Rother Valley Walk, a meet in someone’s home, and a Ring Sling Slinging meet, where people can have a chance to try on different kinds of ring slings or use their shorties for tummy to tummy rebozo hip carries with slip knots, and most exciting of all, a new venture for us..

Sheffield Slings at St Thomas’ Playtime!

We’ve teamed up with St Thomas’ Philadelphia Playtime to take over one of their baby and toddler groups for Sheffield Slings members, their friends, and the wider community. We are going to be using their purpose-fitted Playtime Centre, a large warehouse which has been transformed into a welcoming and friendly space. It includes comfy sofas and baby mats, climbing frames and slides, ball pool and soft play, home corner and dressing up, a craft area and of course, an enclosed kitchen for teas, coffees and cake (what else did you expect?)

While the children play or babies snooze, parents will have the opportunity to try out different slings from the growing Sheffield Slings stash box, ask for advice about different types of carriers, learn new ways to wrap or carry their children.. and anything else sling related! You can request specific help in advance so we can ensure we have the best helpers available. No experience required. And all while our children play, and we eat cake and chat. Even if you’re local and just turn up for the baby/toddler group, you are bound to meet some lovely people and make new friends. St Thomas’ Playtime are giving us the use of their building and resources, including snacks and drinks for everyone, in return for a donation of £1.50 per family. This will be on Jan 9th, from 10am – 11:30am approx, at 6 Gilpin Street, s6 3BL. Easily accessible by tram, bus and car, with plenty of parking nearby.

And there’s more good things to come!!


About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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