Sheffield Slings at Playtime Launch!

We launched our new event, Sheffield Slings at Playtime, yesterday morning, with great success. We’ve taken on the job of running one of the St Thomas’ Philadelphia baby and toddler groups in their fantastic facilities – and what a fun and fabulous morning we had!

The venue is a big warehouse near Industry Street, well served by public transport, and has its own carpark; inside it has been converted to a wonderfully family friendly space, with a very high airy ceiling, an enclosed “breakfast bar” style kitchen with tea and coffee-making equipment, a ball pool, a climbing frame, tables with train and car tracks, soft play areas, baby mats, dressing up box, three comfortable sofas for breastfeeding or relaxing, and plenty of space! All we added was the Sheffield Slings stash box (which covered three tables!) some long mirrors, trays and trays of delicious home baked cakes,  a big dose of friendliness and helpfulness, and opened our doors at 10 am..

It was a great success.. thirty-two mums and two dads came along, with children from two weeks to three years of age. All had a wonderful time making and consolidating friendships, trying on slings, learning about different types and how babywearing can really make life much easier and more content. The older hands among us were happy to advise as needed. It was a very warm and cosy atmosphere, and people lingered till long past twelve. And you know, it’s not really only about the slings – they’re an essential element, and our binding factor, but really, its about the kids, and the conversation, and the friendships, and the feeling you have of being part of something special. We’ll be doing it again –  first Wednesday of the month, so the next one is Wednesday February 6th. See you there!

Here are some of the comments left by people afterwards:

  • Came away feeling bouncy and fluffy. Lovely people 🙂 ZM
  • What a great meet! Really enjoyed it and the space was perfect! Wasn’t worried at all for my two running about! NZ
  • Would LOVE to do it again! Fab venue, fab cake, totally fabulous people & lots of lovely slings – couldn’t ask for more. HK
  • We had a great time, lots of space for babies to play, lovely comfy sofas for breastfeeding, delicious cake and of course beautiful slings! JA
  • We had a lovely time 😀 looking forward to more sling meets LW
  • We had a great time too, lots of friendly people but still lots of space, the venue was great! And of course the slings and cake JE
  • Venue was brilliant with great facilities and toys. Comfy, warm and homely. Solomon seemed to enjoy interacting with other small babies on the large baby mat too! I’m now slightly in love with ring slings! AC
  • Excellent venue and perfect for the toddlers, my kids were worn out NZ
  • Isaac loved it! He had a screaming hissy fit when it was time to leave. Kept saying he wanted to stay and was telling me to leave Jacob at pre-school! Oh, and the cake was pretty good too!;-) ST
  • I don’t think there was a moment all morning where someone wasn’t trying a new sling or carry! ST
  • We loved it…thank you to all the people that made cake and help organise it. It was fab to see so many people there. I didn’t eat enough cake!! That is my only negative. SM
  • What a great meet – can’t imagine a better location. Was lovely that Levi could run around and there was enough space for that which meant I didn’t have to totally hover over him the entire time for fear he bit, hit or pinched someone! LL
  • Fab meet today, Joseph loved it!! And i really enjoyed it!! Had to leave early unfortunately but thanks again to everyone who helped me, and for making those delicious treats!! xxx VM
  • Flipping loved today, great venue, amazing mummies (and a few daddies) excellent coffee, great chat, had fun trying different carriers, all in all was a really great event… you lot properly make me smile SH
  • Joseph and I absolutely loved it! Joseph even did his first double roll over, and looked very pleased with himself!! Thanks to all who organised it, fab venue! VM

About sheffieldslings

A relaxed group of people who love carrying our children in slings, sharing our experiences of parenting, supporting and encouraging each other. "Sharing our strengths and muddling our way through the rest together"
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