Sling Information and Safety

Carrying your baby in a sling (also known as babywearing) can be an amazing experience.

Slings help you carry your child close for comfort and can really help you and your partner bond with your child
Slings can help with crying, reflux and colic
Slings can help your child sleep
Slings can help you get on with the other things in life that need to be done
Slings can help you get out and about more easily

However, like everything, safety and careful use is very important – these pages have useful information about how to carry your child safely and successfully!

Please see the drop down pages for more information on safe sling use, such as the TICKS guidelines and proper positioning.

Other general safety factors you need to consider are the hazards that can occur from our daily activities. Things you need to take extra care with are:

  • Check your carrier/sling regularly for signs of wear and tear, especially the buckles and seams
  • Never run or jump with your baby in the carrier/sling as it can cause serious injury to your baby
  • Be aware of where their legs and arms are as they could kick or grab at something dangerous
  • Stay away from hot surfaces like heaters and stoves
  • Be mindful walking through doorways
  • Do not drink or eat anything hot over the top of your baby
  • Always support baby’s head when leaning down



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