Glossary of Abbreviations!


WC – Wrap Conversion (turning a piece of wrap sling into a buckle or Mei Tai Carrier)

Pod – Podeigai – type of carrier

MT – Mei Tai – type of carrier

BW – Babywearer

SSC – Soft Structured Carrier

FB – Soft Structured Carrier with buckle waist and shoulder straps

HB – Soft Structured Carrier with buckle waist and wrap or Mei Tai Straps

Rebozo – Either a one shouldered wrap pass which goes under baby’s bum, but not between their legs (as part of a longer carry or as a carry by itself), or a piece of cloth used to do the rebozo carry.

NM –

FSOT – For Sale or Trade – subforum for selling/trading carriers on NM and Facebook

HTF – hard to find

VHTF – very hard to find

ISO – In search of (a particular type of sling)

DISO – desperately in search of…


 General non babywearing

OT – Off topic

Squish/ Squishie – newborn or tiny baby

LO – little one

OH – other half

DH – darling husband

DD- darling daughter

DS- darling son

BF – Boyfriend or Breastfeeding

FF – Formula Feeding

BLW – Baby Lead Weaning


Types of carry (wraps)

DH – Double Hammock

SCC – Short Cross Carry

FWCC – Front Wrap Cross Carry

PWCC – Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (with stretchy wraps usually)

RUB – Ruck Tied Under Bum

RTIF – Ruck Tied in Front

RTAS – Ruck Tied at Shoulder

BWCC – Back Wrap Cross Carry

JBC – Jordan’s Back Carry

RTT – Ruck Tied Tibetan

KDH – Knotless Double Hammock

RR- Reinforced Rucksack

DRS2S – Double Rebozo Shoulder to Shoulder



Didy – Didymos

Nati – Natibaby

Vat – Vatanai

Gira – Girasol

Hopp – Hoppediz

Storch – Storchenwiege


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